Oh No! Kid’s Head Slams The Ground After Father (Who Was Holding Him) Goes For Foul Ball And Fails Miserably

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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I bet his wife was livid.

Ahh … summer. It’s a time of joy for most of us. And if you’re anything like me, you have baseball featured throughout the season — whether it’s watching games on TV (what else are you going to watch in the summer?) or actually going to a game. And with the latter, one of the things that can make it so magical is being in pursuit of a foul ball.

That’s what one father was involved in at a recent college baseball game, attempting to have a moment with his son. But it, unfortunately, didn’t work out for papa bear, going as bad as it could possibly get.

At one point during an NCAA Regional contest between Campell and NC State over the weekend, a foul ball popped up towards the first base side of the field, which put the dad on alert to bond with his son. And he had the perfect opportunity to do it as well with the stadium being near-empty … it’s almost like the stars had aligned for him to get a foul ball for his little man and achieve the iconic baseball magical moment.

…but then it all went down the toilet in a disastrous failure.

As the father was running to catch the foul ball and holding his son at the same time, he ended up tripping and falling onto the pavement. And if that doesn’t sound bad enough, his kid’s head completely slammed onto the concrete in a cringe scene.


I hate it for this dad … he could’ve had such a cool moment with his boy.

But instead, he has to deal with a potential angry wife and a kid with a possible concussion. (RELATED: Minnesota Twins’ Royce Lewis Falls Flat On His Face, Completely Bends Neck During Game Against Cleveland Guardians)

It’s like those commercials:

Like comes at you fast, man.