Minnesota Drag Show Advertises To Children As Young As 4, Provides Juice Boxes And Milk Cartons

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Matthew Nielsen Contributor
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The Minnesota-based organization “St. Cloud Pride” is currently advertising for its upcoming “Drag Brunch” on June 11, which is part of its ongoing Pride Month event schedule.

The “Drag Brunch” is open to all ages. The organization is selling discounted tickets for children aged four to 12. St. Cloud Pride advertises the event as “a delicious breakfast buffet while being entertained by amazing drag performers from the St. Cloud and Twin Cities area,” according to details of the event details posted on its website.

St. Cloud Pride explains in the description for the “Drag Brunch Fundraiser” that the event will host a cash bar, which will sell juice and milk, alongside an array of alcoholic beverages. The organizers also encourage “tipping,” telling the attendees to “[b]ring plenty of dollar bills so you can tip the performers. They work hard to create these characters for you – show them your appreciation by tipping!” (Related: All Ages Drag Show Hosted At Air Force Base Despite Defense Secretary’s Assurances)

St. Cloud Pride also says “tipping” with multiple bills is encouraged, noting that they will “have $1 bills on hand to make change, too!”

The headliner of the show, “Dexter Maine-Love,” has a small Tiktok following, and includes an age warning in his bio which reads, “31. Minnesota. Drag King. FTM. Pansexual. Polyamorous. Pagan Witch. Fat. 18+.” However, this age restriction will not apply to those who attend the brunch and the live show.

St. Cloud Pride has also hosted such drag shows in the past, including putting together an “All-Ages Drag Show” in September of 2022. The 2022 drag show offered reduced rates for those who had attended a “Youth Dance Party” earlier in the night.

St. Cloud Pride’s sponsors for 2022-23 include Target, Amazon, and Allstate, according to the organization’s website.