Good Samaritan Pummels Crazy Man Stabbing Ex-Girlfriend In Broad Daylight

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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A good Samaritan sprung into action Saturday after a crazed ex-boyfriend allegedly began stabbing his ex-girlfriend and her mother before slashing his own throat, according to First Coast News.

The gruesome scene unfolded at around 4:30 p.m. in St. Johns County, Florida. Authorities then received a call about a stabbing in Ponte Vedra, police said.

Seventeen-year-old Madison Schemitz, who is headed into her senior year of high school, was eating with her mother, Jackie Rogé and friend, Casey Estep when they saw 18-year-old Spencer Pearson, according to the New York Post. Schemitz’s older sister reportedly said the young couple had recently ended the relationship, and Pearson had since been threatening Schemitz. Her mother was trying to obtain a restraining order against the recent graduate. (RELATED: Canadian Father Killed In Front Of Toddler And Fiancé After Reportedly Asking Man To Stop Vaping)

Estep told First Coast News when the trio saw Pearson walk into the restaurant their initial reaction was ‘Oh, we’ve got to go.’ Estep said they tried to quietly pay the check and slip out, but before they could finish, Pearson darted toward Schemitz and Rogé, according to the report.

That’s when good Samaritan Kennedy Armstrong said he heard people screaming and saw Pearson stabbing Schemitz and Rogé.

“You see two girls in trouble getting attacked by a guy, I would hope most people would do the same,” Armstrong, who was stabbed in his hand and had an artery and ligaments damaged, told First Coast News. “Kudos to the mom. I think she’s the real reason that girl is still alive.”

Armstrong then reportedly pushed Pearson off Schemitz before the two engaged in a fight.

Pearson then tried to slit his own throat several times.

“Should the suspect survive his self-inflicted injuries, he will be charged with multiple felony charges, including attempted murder,” police said.

Armstrong, Schemitz and Rogé are recovering in the hospital, though Schemitz is currently paralyzed after getting stabbed in the spine. It is unclear whether she will fully recover.