‘This Is What We Are Up Against’: California Mother Speaks Up Against School District’s ‘Age Inappropriate Curriculum’

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A Southern California mother spoke out on Wednesday’s episode of “Jesse Watters Primetime” about “inappropriate” content she says is taught at her children’s school district.

Ani Torosyan, spokesperson of Glendale Unified School District Parents’ Voices, joined the show to speak about a clash that reportedly took place at a school board meeting. The parent claimed that she had been attending school board meetings for years, and that the school board has been “hiding everything” from concerned parents. The alleged lack of transparency caused parents to organize, she claimed. (RELATED: California Parents Allege Teacher, Admin Conspired To Teach Eight-Year-Olds About Gender, Sex)

“I have been going to the school board meeting for years. And we’ve been trying to get transparency and information from this district. And we simply don’t get it. This has escalated to this type of movement because school administrators are hiding everything from us. The protest that you saw, it wasn’t a protest,” Torosyan claims.

Torosyan told Watters that the parents were simply attending a school board meeting when they were met with Antifa protestors. She says that she has two school children in the district.

“We were simply as parents attending a school board meeting and fathers and mothers we were confronted by Antifa. Clearly you can see who they are, they’re wearing masks, they’re wearing head coverings, our parents — we showed up looking like ourselves. I have been a parent in the school district for about 11 years now. I have a middle schooler and high schooler, and this school district used to be a gem in Los Angeles, and it’s been on the decline for the last four to five years I would say.”

Torosyan then shared that the school has been pushing “age inappropriate” materials to children regarding sexuality. She also claimed a school official defended girls changing in the boys’ locker room.

“We have mounds and mounds of evidence that this district is pushing age inappropriate curriculum from kindergarten, sometimes TK, and on,” Torosyan added. “For example, a third grade teacher was suspended finally last year once we revealed how parents were concerned she showed age inappropriate videos about LGBTQ Pride Month to eight-year-olds and about sexuality to eight-year-olds. We have Assistant Superintendent Kelly Keane who goes on webinars, which is total conflict of interest, saying that male coaches at GUSD should not be offended or feel awkward that girls are coming into the boys locker room. She keeps saying, ‘They are not boys. They are not girls. They are not girls. You only have boys in the locker room.’ So, this is what we are up against.”