Crazy Videos Show Extreme Impact Of Canada’s Wildfires On US


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Photographs and videos shared online in early June showed the utterly insane impact that Canadian wildfires are having on the United States.

Air quality across the eastern U.S. plummeted Tuesday as at least 100 wildfires burned across northwest Quebec. Strong winds have forced the smoke down across the continent, floating as far south as South Carolina, and bringing everything from a dull haze to hellish skies to all that inhabit the region.

In New York City, fumes from the wildfires blanketed the air. Videos shared by ABC News gave the impression of a dystopian landscape, where the sun could barely eek through the clouds.

Twitter users also shared photographs and videos from Philadelphia, with one individual describing the “strawberry full moon” that sat atop the city skyline. While it might look beautiful, the health impacts could be intense for those already living in polluted urban environments.

Up in Canada, a video posted by WeatherNation from Ottawa made things look even more terrifying. Red skies burned through the smoke, making the entire city look like something from a post-apocalypse flick. Another user described the strawberry moon in Jackson, New Jersey, as “LA ish,” clearly riffing off the irony that the Californian megalopolis has some of the worst air quality in the country.

Fires in Canada in 2023 first made an impact in mid-May, when western burns brought smoke down through the Ohio Valley and beyond. (RELATED: Video Shows Long-Lost Lake Returning To California)

At the time of writing, there are 45 uncontrolled wildfires, 42 that are being held in place, 82 that are currently under control, and a further 20 fires that are under the “modified response” banner, according to Natural Resources Canada. These numbers suggest that we’re in for a good few more days or weeks of thick skies and horror for our northern neighbors.