First Ever ‘Virgin Birth’ Recorded In Crocodile Species


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A crocodile that has been living in isolation for almost two decades recently gave birth to a 99.9% genetically identical baby, according to a study published Wednesday.

The poor crocodile has been held alone in Costa Rica’s Parque Reptilandia since 2002, and she managed to undertake the process of asexual reproduction, according to LiveScience. A study on the female croc noted many animals, such as birds, sharks, lizards and snakes (all held in captivity) have asexually reproduced in the past, but this is apparently the first time the phenomenon has been recorded in crocodiles.

The process is colloquially called “virgin birth,” and may be an inherited trait from the croc’s ancient dinosaur ancestors, according to the BBC. The croc laid the egg in 2018, but her baby was stillborn.

“It is not uncommon for captive reptiles to lay clutches of eggs, given the period of isolation from mates, these would normally be considered non-viable and discarded. These findings therefore suggest that eggs should be assessed for potential viability when males are absent,” the researchers noted in their study.

Call me crazy, but this entire situation disgusts me. Haven’t we evolved emotionally to the point where we understand that keeping any living creature in isolation is evil? Imagine being so emotionally distraught that your body creates a baby that can’t live, just so you can feel like you’re not alone. (RELATED: Authorities Kill Bison Calf At Yellowstone National Park, Appear To Blame Tourist)

That’s what the owners of this zoo have done to this poor creature, in my opinion. While I oppose all forms of violence, I wouldn’t blame this croc if she wanted to eat whoever did this to her, and she would have every right.