What The…? Woman Hands Over Baby To Join Massive Brawl In Australian Supermarket

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Wow. Just … wow.

What started out as a fight between two women exploded into an outright brawl in an Australian supermarket, with several men and women getting involved in the altercation.

Taking place at a Tamworth Woolworths store, the brawl was caught on video and given to police by concerned spectators.

Things got started when two women started throwing punches at each other. Shortly after, two men hopped into the fight and escalated things to a brawl with punches of their own. And while all of this was going on, you had bystanders yelling at the group to stop while they were moving through the store like a tornado. It was pure chaos.

But it didn’t stop there. In a bizarre scene, a woman handed over an infant child to a man before jumping in the brawl herself, throwing punches at one of the men. In total, around 10 people were involved in the scrap.


I don’t know whether to be disappointed in this mother just handing over her kid to join a fight, or to give her kudos for being responsible enough to make sure the baby was safe before jumping in … can it be both?

You know how emotions can be, so I give her props for at least handling the baby with care, but then I think …

Why on earth is this mother fighting to begin with? And who did she hand the baby over to exactly? (RELATED: Florida Panthers’ Matthew Tkachuk Completely Trucks Vegas Golden Knights’ Jack Eichel With Massive Hit In Game 2)

I’m actually walking away (or for me, typing away?) with more questions than anything after seeing this video.

Just weird, man.