While Parents Pummel Activists Outside, Teacher Inside School Board Meeting Claims 3-Year-Olds Know They’re Trans: Video

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A California school board meeting descended into chaos Tuesday as parents clashed with activists and a teacher claimed children know whether they are transgender at the age of three, according to multiple videos.

At least three people were arrested June 6 after fights broke out in the middle of a Glendale Unified School District (GUSD) meeting concerning the inclusion of LGBT-focused curriculum for students, KTLA reported.

“While most of the protest was peaceful, a small group of individuals engaged in behavior deemed unsafe and a risk to public safety,” a June 6 press release from the Glendale Police Department reads.

Those opposed to the LGBT curriculum said they were advocating for the safety and well-being of their children, according to KTLA.

“We were talking about children,” protestor Philip George told the outlet. “They are not ready for such choices. It confuses them and ultimately these are things that parents should decide.”

“Bringing in curriculum for K-6 on gender ideology, that is what we’re against,” another parent, Any Torosyan, said. Torosyan argued that instead of spending money on LGBT studies, the school district should focus on bettering students’ test scores, KTLA reported. While Glendale is ranked as one of the top school districts in California, nearly half of its students are not proficient in math and roughly a third of its students are not proficient in reading, according to Niche.

One teacher in the district slammed the suggestion that LGBT curriculum should be excluded in favor of more traditional methods of education, according to video posted on Twitter. She called out the “hetero-normative, Judeo-Christian, patriarchal, imperialist, capitalist system that oppresses [LGBTQ youth].” (RELATED: Glendale Unified School Admin: Take ‘A More Aggressive Approach’ To Teaching CRT, LGBTQ Ideology)

She went on to advocate for teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT), specifically calling out white people and those in the Armenian community. “Armenians talk about the genocide, but they received SSI [Supplemental Security Income], but they don’t want to talk about the indigenous genocide in 1850, and the lack of reparations for indigenous and black people in this country,” she said.

“Your kids aren’t even learning what they need to learn in this, that one-in-two will commit – attempt suicide and 95% will know that they are trans when they are three, four, and five years old,” she concluded, the video shows.

GUSD Superintendent Vivian Vekchian threw support behind the LGBT community at the meeting, announcing at the meeting that the “primary focus” of the school district was to be “inclusive,” KTLA reported.“Every student matters, every family member matters,” Vekchian stated.

The superintendent argued the school district is being subjected to “erroneous information” that is being spread through social media, saying GUSD follows state curriculum guidelines. “We have absolutely no agenda,” she said, according to ABC 7 News. “We are not in the business of converting anyone’s child.”