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How To Make Apartment Living More Enjoyable

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Have you been renting your apartment or home for a long time? Are you tired of renting and wish you could own? While renting is something many people enjoy, it’s not hard to find the downsides. 

While renting means you get t avoid maintenance and have more freedom, it also means you can’t make as many customizations to your living space. Financially speaking, owning a place is the better option, but many people can’t afford such. As the cost of homes increases, home ownership is more difficult for the average American.

All these factors mean that living in an apartment can be more frustrating than ever. Still, the good news is there are ways you can make living in an apartment or other rental much more enjoyable.

Follow these five tips to make apartment living that much easier


Tip 1: Build A Relationship With The Landlord/ Property Manager

When you’re leasing property, communication between yourself and your landlord or property manager is essential. As a renter, you want to feel like the owner or manager is on top of things and willing to fix problems. Your landlord, in return, wants to know they can trust you to follow the rules and pay rent on time.

If possible, communicating with the landlord and property manager will make staying at the apartment much more straightforward. 

If you find that your landlord or property manager is overall unreasonable and not willing to uphold their end of the deal, it’s worth finding a more positive place to rent.


Tip 2: Be Friendly With Your Neighbors

Apartment living can sometimes be isolating. While in a home, you might naturally become friends with people in your neighborhood, it’s often harder to get to know other people in an apartment building, despite the close proximity.

If you have issues with a rude or threatening neighbor, be sure to go directly to your landlord or call security and the police. However, the majority of people are likely willing to be friendly. If you see people halfway, say hello. You could even go the extra mile by bringing your next-door neighbor a plate of cookies. This way, you can make new friends in your apartment and neighborhood


Tip 3: Make The Space Feel Like Yours

When renting, you aren’t always allowed to make significant home improvements. It’s always a wise idea to read up on the lease before making extensive house upgrades. Still, even if the rules are on the stricter side, you can customize your apartment to feel more like your own.

Here are some simple ideas to decorate your apartment that are simple and temporary:

  • Add new window treatments.
  • Create a gallery wall.
  • Use removable contact paper for a backsplash.

While you may not be able to repaint the walls or update cabinets, you can still decorate the space to your taste. 


Tip 4: Save Money On Your Utilities

While homeowners may have more options to make their homes energy efficient, you can still save money on your utilities by making a few changes. Some of the best ways to make a more eco-conscious and affordable apartment include:

  • Changing to energy-efficient light bulbs.
  • Unplugging technology and certain appliances when you go out of town.
  • Turning off the lights when you leave the room.

With these tips, you’ll spend less each month on energy costs.


Make The Most Of Things

Maybe your current apartment or rental isn’t where you want to end up long-term. While this may feel frustrating, you can make the most of it by working toward your goal. Personalizing the space and making it feel like yours will hold you over until you’re able to move on to the next part of your journey.