Megan Fox Embraces The Bloodshed, Eulogizes ‘Diablo IV’ Deaths


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Famous actress Megan Fox teamed up with Blizzard Entertainment by promoting Diablo IV, the fourth installment of the action role-playing game.

Fox is offering fans the opportunity to connect with her by eulogizing a select few that “died” in the game in a special contest. Anyone that was massacred in Diablo IV can upload their deaths to TikTok or Twitter if they want Fox to honor them June 8. “If there’s one thing I love, it’s the sight of blood, and in Diablo 4, there are rivers of it,” Fox said in a coy social media ad for ‘Diablo IV.”


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Fox was dressed in a skin-tight, black cut-out ensemble in the social media promotional ad. The all-black, revealing outfit added to the intrigue behind the contest.

“Show me your worst in-game death with #DiabloDeaths and you might get a eulogy from yours truly, telling the world that you went out like a hero… or a chump,” Fox said in the video. (RELATED: Megan Fox And Martha Stewart Make Sports Illustrated History For Very Different Reasons)

“I know you’ve been playing #DiabloIV and that means there have been many epic #DiabloDeaths. Let me personally eulogize you fallen heroes,” Fox wrote alongside the promotional video on her Instagram account.

The outspoken actress seems to be a natural choice for this particular celebrity endorsement. She previously publicly stated she and Machine Gun Kelly routinely drink one another’s blood “for ritual purposes” — a comment fans won’t soon forget.