‘People Be Dying’: Actor Adam DeVine Describes Alleged Murder Outside His Home

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Actor Adam DeVine claimed Wednesday that he witnessed a man being shot to death outside of his mansion in Hollywood.

DeVine, 39, made the claim during a live taping of his podcast, “This Is Important,” which has yet to be released publicly online, according to the New York Post. A “crazy poker game” was taking place across the street from his house on the night of the alleged murder, the “Pitch Perfect” actor told co-hosts Blake Anderson, Anders Holm and Kyle Newacheck.

“People were rolling up in like Lamborghini’s and Bentley’s and Rolls Royce’s and shit and like old guys, who for sure fuck prostitutes and play cards,” DeVine said, setting the scene. “And I see these dudes and it’s like fun to sit and watch, [so] me and my wife, we’re sitting up on our balcony, and like, this looks crazy.”

Things then apparently took a turn for the worse, when a man later identified as 39-year-old Emil Lahaziel was allegedly shot multiple times outside the purported poker game at 2 a.m. “Someone was murdered there,” DeVine continued, to the shock of his co-hosts, according to the NY Post.

DeVine said he “called” the alleged incident before it happened. “Yeah dude, I called that shit I called that shit. I was like ‘This is dastardly shit going down here and sure enough someone is gunned down.” (RELATED: ‘Happy Days’ Star Scott Baio Bails On Los Angeles Over Crime, Homeless Crisis)

The murder occurred at around 2 a.m. Wednesday morning, according to the Los Angeles Times. The victim was talking to another man, who shot him multiple times with a handgun, the outlet reported. The suspect then allegedly drove away. Law enforcement has not released any information on the vehicle or the identity of the suspect, who remains at large as of Thursday morning.

“Yeah but, that happens, people be dying,” DeVine added, according to the NY Post. “This isn’t Hollywood, this is a story about my actual life.”

Police closed the Hollywood Hills street following the shooting, KCAL news reported. The investigation is ongoing.