Cadaver Transport Worker Finds Severed Heads By Office Desk After Lodging Complaint Over Workplace Conditions

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John Oyewale Contributor
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A cadaver delivery worker disclosed Tuesday during a joint press conference with his attorney that he went to work two weeks ago only to find three severed heads by his desk, FOX 32 Chicago reported.

Dale Wheatley, who works for the non-profit Anatomical Gift Association (AGA) of Illinois, says he voiced his concerns to his supervisors about the AGA’s alleged sub-par handling of cadavers donated by families for anatomy training in medical schools, according to the news outlet. The next day, the three severed heads appeared at Wheatley’s desk. (RELATED: Texas Man Found Dead In Home Was Living With Corpse For Months, Authorities Say)

This reportedly followed complaints by an anatomy laboratory manager at a medical school that the cadavers received were flyblown, decomposing, and mangled, making them unfit for use, The Chicago Tribune reported.

When Wheatley asked why the heads were there, his boss reportedly could not give a satisfactory explanation, according to FOX 32.

Wheatley, who is filing complaints with the authorities and law enforcement, revealed that the job “has severely weighed on [him] over the years” and that he “can’t even sleep,” per the Chicago Tribune. Wheatley also alleged that his workplace was “in shabby conditions,” as per the news outlet.