Fiorentina’s Cristiano Biraghi Bloodied After West Ham Fans Blast Him With Trash During Europa Conference League Final

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Soccer, man. I love this sport.

Things were intense throughout the Europa Conference League final Wednesday between Fiorentina and West Ham, with the latter ultimately getting the 2-1 win and the silverware. In fact, the intensity hit such a high level at one point during the game that a player ended up bloody. And I’m not talking just a little blood — I mean a bloody mess.

During the first half of the match in the 32nd minute, Fiorentina’s Cristiano Biraghi was setting up to take a corner kick, however, trash from West Ham supporters rained down from the stands and completely hammered him in the head. And though Biraghi tried to play things off by clapping at the unruly fans, blood started pouring from his head after a gash was left on the back, dripping down his neck.

I’m not even kidding, it was bad.


How can you not love this game?

Yeah, soccer fans are known to go crazy and become outright hooligans (which is how they got that name), but it’s not because they’re a bunch of nuts. That’s just how passionate people are about this game. When I first got into soccer a few years ago, it didn’t take me long to build a passion — it actually happened overnight. So, I get it.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t support violence or anything like that, and I don’t plan on throwing Molotov cocktails at people because Chelsea was horrid this season, but I’m just saying … I get it. It’s passion, true passion. Soccer brings extreme emotions out of you, man. (RELATED: Ticket Prices Skyrocket 1,034% After Lionel Messi Commits To Inter Miami)


This game.