‘He’s Got To Grow A Pair’: Megyn Kelly Torches DeSantis

[Screenshot/Megyn Kelly Show]

Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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SiriusXM host Megyn Kelly torched Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis after she received no response from the governor about coming on her show during a discussion with fellow podcaster Dave Rubin.

Kelly said DeSantis needed to “grow a pair” and take tough questions from reporters and members of the media. She accused him of being afraid of anyone who could potentially ask him a tough or hostile question and of only communicating with “friendly media.”

“It’s not about me, but he’s got to grow a pair. Like come on for an adversarial interview, go with somebody who’s going to ask you some tough questions,” Kelly said on her Wednesday program. “Be a man. I’m sick of the duck and cover drill that he’s doing only with friendly media. Would you grow up? I’m not adverse to DeSantis, but he’s got to get some tough questions. Who has he done? Who has he done that’s asked him tough questions?”

Dave Rubin, host of the “Rubin Report,” said DeSantis should accept an interview with Kelly. (RELATED: ‘The View’ Tried To Bring DeSantis On For A Guest Appearance. Here’s How His Press Team Responded) 

“Why is he not on the list? We’ve asked him a million times, we asked again this round. He’s too chicken,” Kelly responded.

She said DeSantis joining her show would be just as beneficial as going on Fox News or any other prime time program since her show is “one of the biggest in the country.”

“It’s bad for him,” Kelly continued. “It is one thing to give the middle finger to MSNBC, right on Ron … There’s not gettable viewers over there … but there’s no excuse not to do just challenging people who aren’t sycophants of his.”

The Daily Caller did not receive a response from the DeSantis campaign regarding Kelly’s comments.