Stephen A. Smith Goes Off On Zion Williamson Over Alleged Fling With Porn Star


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ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith weighed in on the recent allegations that NBA superstar Zion Williamson had a fling with a prominent adult film actress.

The sports pundit called out Williamsons’ personal judgement on Wednesday’s episode of “The Stephen A. Smith Show,” stating that the NBA superstar’s alleged tryst with porn star Moriah Mills has hampered his ability to heal from injury. Williamson only played 29 of the 82 NBA games last year, having suffered a hamstring injury in early January. (RELATED: ‘Somebody’s Gotta Say It’: Stephen A. Smith Says Biden Should Not Be Reelected In 2024)

“Now I know that it’s my job to talk about the news, but I pride myself in not getting into people’s personal business like that. I talk sports. I talk news. I talk current events, stuff like that. But I kind of refrain from the personal because there are certain lines that can’t be crossed. But I do have an obligation to say this much,” Smith said.

“Are you ready for this? I’m kind of pissed, because all I can think about is, man, you only played in 29 games last year! And you missed the season before that! And I’ve been wondering what the hell is taking you so long to get healthy. Well, now I know!” Smith added.

Smith then defended Williamsons’ right to live his private life in the way he pleases, criticized Mills for publicly airing her allegations and encouraged Williamson to cut ties with her.

“You’re young, you’re not married, you can do what you want to do, with whomever you choose. It’s your business. It’s a damn shame she’s putting your stuff out like that — need to cancel her. But there’s a bigger issue here. I mean, she’s a porn star. One would surmise she’s kind of an expert at whatever it is she does. I mean, I’ve been waiting for the leg injury to heal, Zion. I’ve been waiting for a while,” Smith said.

The talk show host went on to recommend that Williamson focus on his personal health and conditioning regimen.

“What I’m talking about is, we need those legs spry. We need you bench pressing with your big self, we need you bench pressing about 400 pounds. We need you running up and down that court. New Orleans needs you healthy,” Smith said.

Williamson shared news on June 6 that he and his girlfriend are expecting a baby girl. This announcement sparked popular OnlyFans model Moriah Mills to go on a Twitter tirade, alleging that she had slept with the NBA superstar the previous week. Mills claims that she allowed Williamson to film her while they engaged in intercourse, have intercourse without protection and spit in her mouth. Mills also called Williamson’s girlfriend a “hoe” and “random thot.”