Tucker Carlson Warns Americans To ‘Cling’ To ‘Taboos’ To Fight Back Against ‘People In Charge’

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson warned viewers Thursday to “cling” to their “taboos” to fight back against the “people in charge.”

Carlson’s second episode, “Cling to your taboos!” came out two days after the first episode released on Twitter on Tuesday. The Daily Caller co-founder began his new show, “Tucker on Twitter,” in June after departing from Fox News in April.

In the newest episode, Carlson called on Americans to “cling” onto taboos as elites target people for crimes they cannot define.

“When a crime has no definition, anyone can be guilty of it,” Carlson said. “It’s hard to relax in a country like that. The old system was better. Government operated on the basis of laws, not amorphous moral terror. Politicians couldn’t accuse you of something they couldn’t define. The legal code was straight forward. Child molestation was a crime. Having unfashionable opinions was not. Outside of the public sphere, the population mostly governed itself as it does in every society, and used taboos to do it.”

“You knew what was allowed and what wasn’t because the rules didn’t change very often. The taboos were organic. They derived from collective experience and instinct. The two most reliable guides to life. They evolved for a reason. They still do. Our job at this point is to protect them, despite the hectoring and the nonstop hectoring from the people in charge,” he added.

“So don’t let them talk you out of what you can smell. Don’t let them rationalize away your intuitive moral sense. Cling to your taboos like your life depends on them, because it does.” (RELATED: Tucker Carlson’s Twitter Show Surpasses 100 Million Views)

Carlson criticized left-wing politicians for targeting “white supremacy” and anyone asking questions about the 2020 presidential election while ignoring the threat of child pornography and pedophilia. He raised the reports of child predators taking advantage of Instagram’s algorithms and networking.

“So far this month, the FBI’s Washington field office has issued 11 press releases. Ten out of 11 have been about January 6th. Keep in mind that January 6th happened more than two-and-a-half years ago. Now you know why the Feds were ignoring kid touchers on Instagram. They’re too busy to respond. They’ve got much more important things to do, like finding white supremacists. White supremacists are America’s new child molesters. We’ve got zero tolerance for white supremacists because no one threatens the life of this country more than they do.”

After citing President Joe Biden calling white supremacy “the most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland,” Carlson mocked the current elites of being more concerned about white supremacy than Mexican drug cartels or a possible nuclear war with Russia, while being unable to define the term.

He pointed to Emmanuel Cafferty, who was fired after being accused of making a white supremacy symbol with his knuckle in front of a Black Lives Matter protest. Cafferty said he did not know of any white supremacy symbol and simply just cracked his knuckle.