Bailey Ober Was Pitching Perfect Game Before Being Forced To Wash Hands, Gets Shelled Afterwards

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Well, well, well … what do we have here?

There were some interesting developments during Thursday’s game between the Minnesota Twins and Tampa Bay Rays, as the umpiring crew forced Twins starting pitcher Bailey Ober to go back into the dugout to wash his hands.

Through three innings of the game, Ober struck out six Tampa Bay Rays. He was absolutely lights out.

So much so, that it forced the umpires to check his hands and glove.

The umpires didn’t like what they found, and as a result, they sent Ober to the dugout and made him wash his hands. Afterwards, Ober’s perfect game went completely down the toilet, allowing a single, which led to a triple and then he gave up a home run after that.

Here’s what Ober had to say after the Twins 4-2 defeat (with Ober getting the loss):

So now we have to ask the question … was Bailey Ober cheating?

It’s certainly weird what happened. He was perfect through three innings, and then when he has to wash his hands, his game goes completely out of whack. I don’t want to accuse him of cheating because there’s no evidence of that. It could be something as simple as he was mentally thrown off after the altercation with the umps and that’s it. It happens.

But man … some bizarre stuff nonetheless. (RELATED: Florida Panthers First Team In 20 Years To Go 7-0 In OT Playoff Games, Joining Only 2003 Mighty Ducks To Do So)

That’s all I’m gonna say.