Miami Dolphins’ Mike McDaniel Gives Hilarious Answer When Asked If He Was Vaping During Playoff Game Against Bills

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Yep … definitely the coolest coach in the NFL.

Remember last year during the Wild Card playoff game between the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills when it appeared that the former’s head coach Mike McDaniel was vaping on the sideline?

Yeah, that.

Well, the Dolphins boss recently made an appearance on “Pardon My Take,” and giving a very cryptic (yet hilarious) answer when asked about it, McDaniel pretty much confirmed that he was indeed vaping. And when I say hilarious, he was definitely showing off his comedic skills having the opportunity to do so with Big Cat.

God, I love this dude.

I don’t think Stephen Ross (Dolphins owner) could have made a better decision for head coach at this point. I know we had the opportunity to get Sean Payton, but knowing McDaniel the way I do now, I’m glad we didn’t land him. Everything worked out perfectly. Well, except for the lost draft picks, but you get what I’m saying.

McDaniel is such a G, man. And by the way, to the people out there who have criticized him about this and to the people who still do — there’s nothing in the NFL rulebook about not vaping. (RELATED: 2023 Women’s World Cup Sells Over 1 Million Tickets, On Pace To Be Most Attended Female Sporting Event Ever)

Not that coach was doing it to begin with (wink, wink).