‘Merrick Garland Hates Donald Trump’: Ted Cruz Furious, Sad Over Trump’s Indictment

Public/Screenshot/YouTube — User: Verdict with Ted Cruz

James Lynch Investigative Reporter
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Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is furious at Attorney General Merrick Garland after federal prosecutors indicted former President Donald Trump on Thursday night.

Cruz addressed Trump’s indictment on the Friday episode of his podcast, “Verdict with Ted Cruz,” and accused Garland of being a partisan actor.

“I have to say today is a very sad day in American history. It is a shameful day in American history. It is a disgraceful day in American history,” Cruz said at the start of the episode. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Ted Cruz Explains How He Tanked Biden’s Nominees)

“The result of today, Merrick Garland is going to go down in disgrace as the most partisan and political attorney general in our nation’s history. And Joe Biden, in the Biden White House, has decided to hell with democracy. By the way, today is an assault on democracy,” Cruz continued.

Cruz continued to criticize Garland for purportedly targeting Donald Trump.

“Merrick Garland wants to indict Donald Trump. He intends to indict Donald Trump- came into office with the plan to indict Donald Trump. I’m going to point out those predictions were all entirely right. I also predicted on this podcast as we discussed, that, I said, look, the indictment is not just going to be for possession of classified documents after you’re out of office. That I believe had been the plan- that I believe had been what Garland wanted to do,” Cruz asserted.

He also mentioned the Justice Department’s investigation into whether President Joe Biden mishandled classified documents. Biden’s lawyers and Justice Department investigators found classified documents at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, D.C., and his Delaware residence.

Cruz also discussed the FBI document alleging Biden participated in a bribery scheme involving Ukrainian energy firm Burisma and his son Hunter Biden. FBI officials showed the document to House Oversight Committee members Thursday after initially refusing to turn it over

“This is about hatred. Merrick Garland hates Donald Trump. He blames him, because Garland wants to be on the Supreme Court, he feels like he was robbed. And I gotta say Garland spent 24 years as a federal judge. He had built a reputation for integrity. And I am hard pressed to think of anyone in public life who has more lit their reputation on fire than Merrick Garland,” Cruz concluded.

Trump was indicted Thursday night on at least seven charges related to his handling of classified documents after his presidency. He was investigated by special counsel Jack Smith for allegedly mishandling classified documents and obstructing the government from taking them back. (RELATED: REPORT: Trump-Appointed Judge To Initially Oversee Federal Case)

The former president announced his indictment on Truth Social and said he will be summoned Tuesday to a federal courthouse in Miami.