US Man Gets Bitten By Relative, Becomes Infected With Flesh-Eating Bacteria

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John Oyewale Contributor
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A Florida man became infected with flesh-eating bacteria following a bite on his leg from a relative during a February family quarrel, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

Donnie Adams, 52, went to HCA Florida Northside Hospital on Valentine’s Day two days later to get a tetanus jab and antibiotics, the Tampa Bay Times reported. Three days later, he returned, this time for surgery, which revealed that much of his thigh was rotting away from the fast-spreading infection.

He had become infected from the bite with necrotizing fasciitis, the news outlet reported. Dr. Fritz Brink, who performed the surgery, reportedly said that the bacteria could have come from the relative’s mouth, as the human mouth is a suitable habitat for bacteria, or from the environment. (RELATED: ‘Perfect Storm’ Of Flesh-Eating Bacteria Hitting US Beach, Researchers Believe)

Adams was in hospital for three weeks and could have taken up to six months to recover if it wasn’t for his optimism and abiding by the recommended diet, which halved his recovery time, according to the news outlet. He kept his spirits up through prayer and meditation, according to WFLA News Channel 8.

Adams said his family members were “very sorrowful,” the Tampa Bay Times noted.

Flesh-eating bacterial infections from a human bite are reportedly rare and Adams’ doctors had never seen such a case before, the Tampa Bay Times noted. But it is of particular concern for beachgoers, as the bacteria could be in seaweed strewn around on beaches. Recently, another Florida man nearly lost his thumb to the bacteria, having contracted the illness while helping a neighbor unhook a fish caught from a nearby pond, ABC Action News reported.