REPORT: Public School Cancelled Basketball Games After Police Officers Investigated ‘Rape Room’

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Lorenzo Prieto Contributor
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Mountainair Public School officials cancelled this year’s basketball games after reports of players allegedly participating in a “rape room,” according to KOAT 7.

New Mexico police officers conducted investigations following reports of sexual misconduct in the school locker room, with videos reportedly showing basketball players slapping each others’ privates, according to KOAT 7. A family also reported multiple alleged harassment incidents with the basketball and football teams between seasons. (RELATED: School District Claims Alleged Sexual Assault Of 6-Year-Old Was ‘Mutual’)

“When they were telling us some of these allegations, it was just like a shock,” football coach Stan Sorrels said, the outlet reported.

Students reportedly referred to the locker rooms as “rape rooms” although no records found that any sexual assault had occurred as the locker rooms were mainly used to scare underclassmen, the outlet noted.

“When they say ‘rape,’ I’m like, you can tell, automatic, if one of my kids is raped,” coach Alexander Apodoca explained. “Yeah, they wouldn’t be going to practice all jolly in making any type of interaction and stuff.”

Students reported having witnessed other classmates slapping each others’ private areas and exposing themselves. They were also reportedly aware of the existence of a video involving underage students having sex, KOAT 7 reported. The investigations ended in April and police officers handed the case over to the Socorro County District attorney.

The Mountainair Public School superintendent and Socorro County District attorney’s office did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.