DeSantis Announces Lawsuit Against Department Of Education Over University Accreditation Agencies

Ron DeSantis:Photo By: Daily Caller:Henry Rodgers

Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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TAMPA, FL — Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis announced a lawsuit against the federal Department of Education on Thursday, alleging that the Biden administration unconstitutionally collaborated with university accreditation bodies to try to block his efforts to bring more transparency and accountability to Florida’s public colleges and universities.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody joined DeSantis at a press conference in Ybor City, where the governor explained the lawsuit.

“I will not allow Joe Biden’s Department of Education to defund America’s #1 higher education system all because we refuse to bow to unaccountable accreditors who think they should run Florida’s public universities,” DeSantis said. (RELATED: Ron DeSantis Officially Launches 2024 Presidential Bid)

“Throughout my time in office, I have made it a priority to bring transparency and accountability to higher education and to reorient the mission of our colleges and universities away from purveying destructive ideologies and back toward the pursuit of truth and the preparation of our students for success,” he added. “The Biden administration’s attempts to block these reforms is an abuse of federal power, and with this lawsuit, we will ensure that Florida’s pursuit of educational excellence will continue.” (RELATED: DeSantis Gives Vague Response When Asked Whether He’d Support Trump In The General Election)


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“For too long, private academic accreditors have been holding our colleges and universities hostage,” Moody said at the press conference. “Thanks to the fearless leadership of Governor DeSantis, we are fighting to take back our public postsecondary education system from unelected private organizations that have no accountability or oversight.” (RELATED: DeSantis Tells Newsom To Stop ‘Pussyfooting’ Around Possible Run Against Biden)

In 2022, DeSantis signed legislation that would require colleges and universities to seek accreditation from different accreditors in consecutive accreditation cycles.