Red Alert! Bud Light’s Collapse Is Escalating After Costco Gives Them The ‘Star Of Death’

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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The crumble continues — and it’s escalating at that.

Multiple sleuths on social media have uncovered the infamous “star of death” on Bud Light cases at several Costco locations. If you’re not aware of how Costco does business, their star of death (also known as the “death star”) normally means that item will not be restocked once it sells out.

In other words, Costco is about to gloriously nix Bud Light like the true American heroes they are.

From Marie Clar, editor of the shopping website CostContessa, according to Western Journal via OutKick:

“On Costco price tags, if you see an asterisk in the upper right-hand corner, this indicates an item won’t be restocked.”

So we know for sure that Bud Light is getting the “death star” treatment, but there appears to be some confusion about what exactly is getting nixed by Costco. It could be Bud Light, period, sure … but it should also be pointed out that multiple users on Reddit are saying that it could be just the 16 0z cans rather than the whole beer brand. (RELATED: LOL! CNN Actually Went To Kid Rock’s Bar To Investigate Whether Or Not They’re Selling Bud Light (Spoiler: They Are)

Regardless, it’s getting pretty bad for Bud Light, and Dylan Mulvaney too — as the transgender influencer is now moving to Peru (PERU!) for safety from the United States because of the Anheuser-Busch backlash.

Crazy and hilarious times we live in, ladies and gentlemen.