The Cleveland Browns Are Unsure About Brownie The Elf’s Gender

[YouTube/Screenshot/Public — Cleveland Browns]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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This has gotta be a joke, right?

Brent Rossi, who is the Cleveland Browns‘ senior vice president of marketing and media, was being interviewed Tuesday on 92.3 “The Fan” — a radio station in Cleveland. And during the interview, he admitted that the new mascot for the team, Brownie the Elf, doesn’t yet have a gender.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen! We have our very first gender-neutral mascot in NFL history!

“Last year we kinda called it the year of Brownie,” said Rossi to radio hosts Nick Wilson and Dustin Fox. “I’m sure you guys saw he was much more visible in terms of creative, in terms of messaging, and in terms of how we integrated Brownie — him or her or she, I’m not sure what Brownie is…it? — into our creative.”

Hm … and the whole time I could’ve sworn Brownie was a male. But what do I know?

I’m just a normal common sense thinker in a world full of nuts and loonies, and now the mental-illness thinking is sadly starting to spread to the NFL. But I guess that’s hateful, huh? To think there’s only two genders?

Humanity, this is what we’ve become! (RELATED: The Dak Prescott Bud Light Commercial Has Dropped, And It’s Outright Atrocious)

And now we’ve arrived at a new point — where our sports mascots are going to start being gender-neutral.

People have lost their minds, man. Just absolutely lost their minds.