Woman Who Transitioned As A Teen Sues Doctors For Operation That Left Her ‘Nipples Peeling Off’


Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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Soren Aldaco is suing her medical providers for performing a botched mastectomy which left her “nipples literally peeling off of her chest,” according to a criminal complaint.

The 21-year-old claims her doctors behaved like “ideologues” by allegedly not discussing alternative to transition. Aldaco had said she was suffering from anxiety and depression when she first started discussing transition with doctors in Fort Worth and Austin, Texas. (RELATED: Italian Pageant Bars Males From Competition Will Not Participate In ‘Glittery Bandwagon Of Trans Activism’)

Aldaco’s hormone shots allegedly left her vagina damaged and her mastectomy reportedly ruined her ability to ever breastfeed. Albeco also fears she will be infertile.

“This lawsuit details a chronology of wrongful acts committed by a collective of medical providers who, in their pursuit of experimental ‘gender-affirming’ medical therapies, administered a series of ruinous procedures and treatments to Plaintiff Soren Aldaco, who was then a vulnerable teenager struggling with a slew of mental health issues,” the complaint alleges.

One doctor allegedly so “relentlessly pressed her on the topic” of identifying as transgender that she “felt as though the only way to cease the discussion was to agree with him and tell him that she did identify as transgender.”

“It was not until several years later that Soren had enough maturity and awareness to look back on these events with Dr. Nekkalapu and realize that not only was Dr. Nekkalapu’s coercion undue and improper, but that his coercion … combined to create an incessant psychological pressure on her to travel down this path of physiological and psychological harm.”

A therapist recommended a double mastectomy shortly after Aldaco’s 19th birthday, a procedure which reportedly left her with “immense pain.” Her doctor, according to the complaint, “seemed as though he could not be bothered to see her and did not even advise her to seek emergency care.”

She is seeking $1 million in damages.

Prisha Mosley sued her doctors Tuesday for allegedly providing her with transgender medical interventions, including cross-sex hormones and a mastectomy. Mosley alleges the doctors hid her transition from her mother and that counselors told her that “her many psychological and mental health problems” would be solved if she identified as a boy.

The Daily Caller interviewed several former transgender individuals for a recent documentary, “Damaged: The Transing of America’s Kids,” including Chloe Cole, Cat Cattinson and Walt Heyer.