Dave Chappelle Shocks Fans With His Rap Skills


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Dave Chappelle took the stage at the Cincinnati Music Festival at Paycor Stadium on Saturday, but he wasn’t there to tell jokes.

The comedian showcased his rap skills as he took rapped out to the first verse of Rakim’s “Paid In Full,” much to the crowd’s surprise. He started off strong and put on a good show, before losing his spark toward the end of the song, as seen in a video posted to TMZ. “Ohio, Ohio, Ohio, yo, it’s the moment to go. Goodnight,” he said, as he concluded his set.

Chappelle’s performance appeared impromptu, and required some scrambling and last-minute coordination from the band, according to Yahoo. Chappelle had previously taken the stage that night to introduce Snoop Dogg to the stage, and it was apparent that he was proud to be part of the festival.

“I pulled up tonight just to let everyone know in the area, thank you for letting me live a normal life. Thank you for letting my family be safe,” Chappelle said, according to the outlet.

He then introduced Snoop Dogg to the stage.

“With the east coast, west coast feuding, he was always Switzerland. He was always team Hip-Hop. Please make some noise. Please make some noise for the legend, Snoop Dogg,” Chappelle said.

Snoop Dogg performed with two pole dancers flanking either side of the stage and sang “Drop It Like It’s Hot” to the excited crowd.

It was after the show, after Snoop had said goodbye to Cincinnati, and walked offstage, that Chappelle really took the spotlight. (RELATED: Eminem Stuns Fans By Joining Ed Sheeran For Surprise Performance In Detroit)

When Snoop Dogg concluded his set, many concert-goers tried to get out ahead of the crowd in an effort to beat traffic, and that’s when Chappelle decided to come up to drop some lyrics of his own. The audience had already started to disperse.

“Ohio let’s go! From this state we can change the world. Let’s see what we can do if we get a chance. I live right here. I live right down the road,” Chappelle said.