‘Absurd Political Diatribe’: Laura Ingraham Slams Trump Treatment Compared To Dems

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Fox News Host Laura Ingraham compared and contrasted the treatment of former President Donald Trump Tuesday to that of his Democratic counterparts, arguing the latest indictment against him is an “absurd political diatribe.”

“Trump said nothing and did nothing to trigger any criminal charge on January 6th – any. His crime was believing and saying that the election was rigged. That’s what they want to send him to jail for,” Ingraham argued. Calling Special Counsel Jack Smith’s indictment announcement an “absurd political diatribe,” Ingraham added that Trump’s so-called crime is nothing more or less than what Democrats have done in the past when they questioned the legitimacy of an election.

Ingraham further speculated on the timing of the indictment, pointing to dropping poll numbers for President Joe Biden amid allegations of bribery and corruption.

“After yesterday’s Devon Archer testimony, we now can all see with our own eyes that Joe Biden is wobbling under the weight of his own longstanding corruption. The Biden’s have been on the take for years, getting rich off selling influence and Trump’s crime is disagreeing with the outcome of an election? Or complaining to a governor over the phone? Speaking at a rally?” Ingraham posited. (RELATED: Lawyer Says ‘Political Speech’ Is Being ‘Criminally Prosecuted’ At ‘Highest Levels’ In Wake Of Trump Indictment)

Officials indicted Trump for a third time Tuesday for his purported role in the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol building. The charges, which Trump’s lawyer has called a “direct attack on our Constitution,” allege Trump conspired to disrupt election proceedings on Jan. 6, conspired to defraud the United States and conspired against the right to vote and have one’s vote counted.

“No sitting president has ever been criminally charged for his views, for taking a position, and by the way, is there any doubt there is two systems of justice in the United States?” Trump attorney John Lauro asked. “Was Hillary Clinton prosecuted for the Russian hoax? Were those individuals who said ‘Don’t worry about the Biden laptop because it is just Russian disinformation,’ are they being prosecuted? No.”

Ingraham agreed, pointing out that Stacey Abrams was never charged for questioning the results of the Georgia gubernatorial race.

“This is just another in a long line of political hit jobs under the guise of federal law enforcement,” Ingraham concluded.