Video Shows ‘Mob Of Criminals’ Ransacking Luxury Store In Broad Daylight

[YouTube/Screenshot/Public — Royol News]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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And the decline of America continues.

Police are searching for around 30 suspects after wild video shows a mob-style looting robbery at a Topanga mall in Canoga Park, Los Angeles.

The incident took place Saturday at around 4:15 PM at the Nordstrom store inside the Westfield Topanga Mall, according to police.

Video shows a huge group of criminals destroying display cases, taking merchandise and sprinting out the door.

A security guard for the store was sprayed with either bear spray or Mace pepper spray, according to police. Between 20-30 suspects were a part of the heist, and then fled the scene in multiple vehicles including a Lexus, BMW and Honda, said police.

The group of criminals stole anywhere between $60,000-$100,000 worth of merchandise, according to investigators.


The Los Angeles Police Department Media Relations Division had this to say on the matter:

Some people have no shame, man.

It always amazes me how individuals like myself work so hard to accomplish dreams and goals, trying to do things the “right way” and grindin’ for years, and then on the flip side, you have complete scumbags like this. (RELATED: REPORT: Parking Lot Brawl Erupts Between Officer And Incredibly Stupid Thief After He Steals TV, Police Say)

Just an absolute disgrace.