‘A Whole Dinosaur’: Gargantuan Alligator Sparks Up Tense Moment After Staring Down Homeowner Through Front Door

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Just another day in Florida.

Earlier today, I took a digital trip up to Colorado to cover a moose attack and to briefly chop it up with the good people of the Centennial State, but now we’re going to take it back to my home of the Sunshine State.

And that’s because we have a monster on our hands, ladies and gentlemen, as homeowners around Tampa were forced to have a tense moment with a gargantuan alligator.

Video circulating online shows a homeowner peeking out the front door, and as they were glancing, so was a massive alligator right back at them — blocking the front door entrance on top of that. This prompted the homeowners to call up the Statewide Nuisance Alligator Program in Florida to remove the beast.

Popcorn chaos and 30,000 death rolls later, and the alligator was successfully removed.


@guigavieira71 When you live in Florida…. You have to expect all kind of guests 🐊… and be so carefull with our babiea 🐶🐶🐶#gators #florida #doglover #morkie ♬ original sound – Guiga

@guigavieira71 So glad Mia waa inside and safe!! 🐊 #gators #florida #doglover ♬ original sound – Guiga

@guigavieira71 Unexpected visitor at our front door! #gatorsoftiktok #florida ♬ original sound – Guiga

@guigavieira71 And here is the final part.. when they put the 🐊 at a cage (with ktjer ones) and take it away… 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻#florida #gatorsoftiktok #gators #doglover ♬ original sound – Guiga

Ahh … you gotta love Florida and that exotic wildlife.

And man, I have to tell ya, I’ve lived down here for nearly three years and I’ve seen my fair share of alligators, but that thing was a complete hoss. One of the comments in the TikTok videos hit the nail right on the head describing this giant: “I definitely wasn’t expecting a whole dinosaur to come out.” (RELATED: Moose Headbutts And Stomps Woman In Vicious Attack)

Reminds me of that big boy (Elvis) that Sonny Crockett had on his boat in ‘Miami Vice.’

Totally a dream of mine to own a pet alligator one day, by the way. The swag would be unreal.