ROOKE: Dear Men, Sluts Lead To Ruin


Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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Former MLB pitcher Trevor Bauer seems to be the victim of an old fashion succubus after text messages appear to show he never raped accuser Lindsey Hill.

Their sexual relationship appeared to be not only consensual but likely predatory on the part of Hill. In a video posted to Twitter, Bauer claims Hill sent messages to her friends devising a plan to take advantage of the former L.A. Dodger. He had no idea what was coming for him when he invited her to come over, but he should have. A woman who understands her worth doesn’t accept invitations for meaningless sex.

Bauer lived up to every stereotype for professional athletes. He made himself an easy mark by allowing his selfish desires to cloud his better judgment. It’s like if a woman decided to travel to a country known for imprisoning women only to be shocked she’s sitting in a foreign jail. Of course, men will be victims of manipulative women if they don’t see the value in sex other than to serve their impulses.

Living in the aftermath of the “MeToo” movement is surreal. Men can’t come back from the stain of rape allegations. They are forced to wear scarlet letters until they can sway public opinion. Our society doesn’t abide by the “innocent until proven guilty” rule for men anymore. They are guilty, without mercy or consideration. If they can gain definitive proof of their innocence, as Bauer seems to have done, they are timidly allowed back into polite society.

Men shouldn’t be in fear of losing their lives to false allegations. Still, it is reckless to live like consequence-free sex is a real thing. Evil women are going to use your weakness for cheap sex against you. Complain about it, think it’s morally reprehensible but do not for a second become complacent.

“You can’t treat bodies as sex toys and then complain when you wake up in bed with an abusive pimp or a crazy whore,” Daily Wire host Andrew Klavan wrote on Twitter. “Pimps and whores are vicious people – what did you expect?”

To put it plainly — men, avoid women who believe their sexuality is all they have to offer this world. They’ll lie, cheat, and steal to fill the emptiness they feel selling themselves for clout. It’s easy for them to pretend it is empowering to use men — acting like it’s their chance as an independent woman to enact revenge against the predatory men in their past. (ROOKE: Women Aren’t That Complex)

The pain of being their own pimp affects their ability to see human dignity in others. They walk around broken. It’s obvious they aren’t loyal women looking to build a legacy. What is the point of risking your future on anything less?

It cost him millions of dollars in lost contracts and legal fees to prove his innocence. Bauer was forced to leave a top career in the MLB to play in Japan. His life was effectively ruined over what appear to be false allegations. Still, all of it could have been avoided if Bauer had been looking for a wife instead of a one-night stand.

A good wife will be loyal and loving. She will comfort and take care of her husband even if the world abandons him. It will always be fun hanging out with the party girl, but kingdoms are not built on infertile ground. Bauer’s ordeal should be a cautionary tale to all men — if you are going to waste your passion on immoral women, don’t be shocked when evil things happen to you.

Mary Rooke is a reporter at the Daily Caller.

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