Video Shows Homeowner Shooting At Burglars Pretending To Be Police In Break-In Attempt

Screenshot/Facebook/Auburn WA Police Department

Fiona McLoughlin Contributor
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Three men were caught on video trying to break into a home in Auburn, Washington, prompting the homeowner to shoot at them.

Security footage from the home, shared by the Auburn Police Department on social media, shows three masked men carrying guns. They referred to themselves as “Seattle Police” before they tried to kick in the door.

One man can be seen using his sweatshirt pocket to open the door. The video shows the others wearing latex gloves. Two of the men attempted to break in, but the third suspect successfully kicked the door open, pointing his gun in the doorway.

The resident “was armed and quickly started firing shots at the intruders through the door,” according to the press release. “After multiple shots were fired, the three suspects fled.”

No one was injured during the shooting, police said. (RELATED: Washington Couple Fights Off Armed Intruder).

The couple who live in the home told KOMO News that the three men started shooting at their home when they fled. They also knocked down their fencing as they ran off.

A neighbor told the outlet he woke to the sound of gunfire and a bullet hit his home.

“We heard a bullet go through our window and our alarm started going off and then I just heard an exchange of gunfire just a bunch of bullets,” he said.

Police find it alarming that the suspects pretended to be officers. “They try to give you that false sense of security before they try and get into your home but in this sense, they started kicking almost simultaneously and in that situation just try to put it together that this is not the police that are trying to kick in your door,” Kolby Crossley, public information officer for Auburn police told the outlet.

Detectives are still working to identify the suspects.

Another Washington couple recently fought off an armed intruder who tried to ambush them and enter their home in Kent on Sunday.