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World Whiskey Society Classic Collection: A Journey Through Time, One Bottle at a Time

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Whiskey, a time-honored beverage, carries within its amber hues stories of distant lands, the gentle caress of time, and the diligent craftsmanship of its maker. And in the pursuit of whiskey perfection, every detail holds the essence of a masterpiece waiting to be discovered.

The renowned World Whiskey Society Classic Collection is emerging from the long-standing tradition of meticulous craftsmanship while embodying the thrilling spirit of innovation using rich flavors and sophisticated finishes.

The World Whiskey Society (WWS), helmed by its visionary founder, Alex Kogan, brings this experience to whiskey enthusiasts with its distinctive spirits and a fresh and exciting business approach. Rather than focusing on a single product line for an extended period, WWS prefers to keep things intriguing and exclusive by launching new releases every week or every month.

Yet, Kogan’s quest is not just about creating whiskey. His vision is as unique and captivating as his company’s delectable selection: to bring together some of the most exquisite whiskeys for the appreciation of both connoisseurs and newcomers alike.

“Whiskey isn’t merely distilled. It’s envisioned, nurtured, and then shared with the world,” Kogan reflects.

This philosophy is the lifeblood of WWS’ and exemplifies the art of barrel finishing—a process where the whiskey, after its initial maturation, is transferred to a different cask for a secondary aging period, absorbing the nuances of its new abode.

Take the instance of the 10 YO Straight Bourbon Whiskey finished in Port Cask. This bourbon introduces itself with lively whispers of mixed berries and raspberry sorbet, gently cradled by the soft touches of caramel and then gradually unfolding into a note of spicy cinnamon.

Enhanced by the fruity tones lent by the Port Cask, this bourbon is a marriage of traditions that speak volumes to those willing to listen with a discerning palate.

As Kogan highlights, “The essence of a great bourbon lies in its ability to tell a story – a story that resonates with the heartbeat of the cask it was finished in.”

Transitioning from the gentle embrace of port, we can venture into a brand-new narrative of cultural fusion with the KY Straight Bourbon Whiskey finished in a Mizunara Oak, normally used to age Shochu spirits – making it an exceptional rare release.

Here, the heartland of Kentucky extends a hand to Japan’s pristine and tranquil coasts, embarking on a profound exploration of aromas and flavors never experienced before.

Laden with the notes of spice against the calming sugars of the bourbon cask, each sip of this extraordinary whiskey takes you on a sensory journey through the gentle syrupy tones of honey and vanilla, toppled by a touch of licorice.

“Every sip is like a conversation between the East and the West, a dance of tradition and innovation, with a story waiting to be told in every bottle,” Kogan reflects.

Finally, as if holding a mirror to the refined palates of whiskey connoisseurs, the 10 YO Straight Bourbon Whiskey finished in a Cognac Barrel is a true pièce de résistance in this narrative.  This Limited Edition of 600 bottles harmoniously blends America’s bold spirit and France’s sophisticated allure.

Each sip reveals an intricate story of taste and delight, from the citrusy tones of sweet oranges and lemon peel to the gentle touches of angel cake. Creamy and sweet, the bourbon’s cinnamon and tiramisu on the finish narrate a transcontinental tale unified by a shared passion for excellence.

“I’d say that each pour of this exceptional bourbon is like a toast to the art of whiskey making. For us, and hopefully for everyone else who has tried it or wants to try it, it’s more than a drink. It’s an experience that celebrates both culture and creativity,” Kogan shares.

As one goes from one chapter to another of Alex Kogan’s and World Whiskey Society’s enthralling tale, every bottle of WWS’ Doc Holliday Bourbon emerges as not merely a beverage but as a conversation between the old and the new, the known and the unexplored.

It’s a dance of legacy and innovation, an adventure through time and space, as viewed through the poetic language of flavors and aromas.

“With each of our releases, we aim to redefine what’s possible in whiskey-making. We want to offer a unique journey through time with a modern twist,” Kogan reveals.

So, as you hold a glass of World Whiskey Society Bourbon, remember: you’re not simply savoring a whiskey; you’re indulging in a tale crafted with love, passion, and a profound reverence for the art of whiskey-making.

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