‘In My Heart To This Day’: Shawn Levy Draws Inspiration From Star Wars Scene For New Deadpool Movie

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Mariane Angela Contributor
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Shawn Levy, the director of Deadpool 3, has drawn inspiration from a pivotal Star Wars scene for his upcoming film.

In an essay for Esquire, Levy reminisced about the enchantment of watching a movie in a packed theater and recalled a moment from 1983’s “Return of the Jedi” that left a mark on him. He described the scene in which Luke Skywalker confronts Darth Vader in the Emperor’s chamber, culminating in Vader’s ominous ultimatum.

“I vividly remember the scene in which Luke is hiding from Vader in the Emperor’s room and Vader gives the speech that ends with ‘If you will not turn to the dark side, then perhaps your sister will.’ It was dead quiet. Pin-drop silence.” He continued, “The forty seconds of stillness from the audience, then the spectacle and emotion, is seared not just in my eyeballs but in my heart.” (RELATED: Long-Lost ‘Star Wars’ Memorabilia Sold For Record-Setting Amount At Auction)

It served as a source of inspiration for Levy as he crafted a key scene in “Deadpool 3.” Levy shared how he relayed his vision to his stunt and action team, referring to the scene as the “Jedi moment.” He revisited the Star Wars scene on his phone, studying its cinematography, blocking, framing and pacing to infuse that same magic into his own work.

Fans can anticipate seeing a shot in “Deadpool 3” that pays homage to the Star Wars scene. The “Stranger Things” producer is not only working on “Deadpool 3” but is also developing his own Star Wars film. While Deadpool 3 is scheduled for release May 3, 2024, production has faced challenges due to the SAG-AFTRA strike, leaving the release date uncertain.