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Meet Jerome Myers: Business Coach for Financial Advisors

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You’ve achieved business success, but it’s not enough. You dream of taking your financial advisor business to new heights but need a coach. Not just any coach, but the best of the best. Meet Jerome Myers, the authority on dream realization. Jerome is not just a business coach. He’s a visionary who believes dreams should be real..

From Corporate America to Myers Methods

Frustrated by the lack of significance and the endless cycle of layoffs, Jerome made a bold exit from corporate America after building a highly profitable division of a Fortune 550 company. And then he became frustrated again. As a first-generation wealth creatore, Jerome lacked access to the knowledge, deal flow, experienced partners, and capital to succeed. Recognizing that other entrepreneurs likely faced the same challenges, he developed programs built upon insights from his own bumpy journey attempting to break into the multifamily investor sector. The Red Pill to Your Centered Life

A key component of Jerome’s holistic approach is leading a centered life through a model he refers to as “the Red Pill.” He and his team at the Myers Development Groupapply this principle to transform individual lives from a monotonous existence to one filled with fulfillment and impact. “Everything happens twice. First in the mind, and then in the physical world,” he says. This philosophy, deeply embedded in his coaching methods, urges financial advisors to visualize success, strategize meticulously, and then actualize their dreams with precision and purpose.

Tailored Coaching: 

One of Jerome’s most in-demand offerings is his 1-on-1 coaching. Here, you’re not just another name in a client directory. You’re an individual with unique goals and challenges. Jerome takes a deep dive into the nuances of your financial advisor business to provide tailor-made strategies for growth. “The only person you need permission from is yourself,” he often states, emphasizing that your success and growth are ultimately in your own hands.

Leadership Bullpen: Crafting Tomorrow’s Leaders

Jerome also runs a unique Leadership Bullpen, group coaching for ambitious financial advisors and other professionals who meet regularly to share insights, tackle problems, and celebrate successes. This is an environment that Jerome has carefully curated to foster collaborative growth. He believes “it is virtually impossible to have production without the right people and environment.” Members often find that their best business decisions and growth strategies arise from these sessions, catalyzed by Jerome’s expert guidance.

The Diversity Trend in Wealth Management

Jerome is particularly excited about the changing face of wealth management. He sees the growing diversity among those who become financially independent as an invitation for financial advisors to broaden their scope and help diverse communities build and manage wealth. The benefit to financial advisors? Expanding their own practices while contributing to the greater good.

A Future-Focused Approach

From LinkedIn content-based marketing to strategic networking, Jerome’s methods are not just about today. They are about positioning you for tomorrow. His coaching and programs are a golden ticket for financial advisors desiring to elevate their already successful businesses to new heights.

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