‘Relying On Liberal Media’: DeSantis Blasts Nikki Haley As ‘Fundamentally Out Of Step’ Over ‘Establishment’ Proposals

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Republican presidential candidate and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis called out fellow 2024 hopeful Nikki Haley on Monday on Fox News, stating that her positions on policies are “fundamentally out of step with Republican voters.”

DeSantis appeared on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss the issues he sees with Haley’s policies. Fox host Laura Ingraham revealed that she was seeking to host a debate between the two, however, only DeSantis had agreed to it. (RELATED: ‘Truly Excited’: Big Donors Explain Why They’re Eying Nikki Haley For 2024)

When asked why he believed that Haley had yet to respond to the debate invitation, the Florida governor called Haley’s “establishment-oriented positions,” highlighting that she “wouldn’t like” what the debate would potentially be about. 

“Well, she probably wouldn’t like what the debate would be about. I mean, I think she has taken very, very establishment-oriented positions,” DeSantis stated. “We know she had the social media proposal to force everybody to give their names, which we know would be weaponized against conservatives. Anybody that’s been alive for the last three or four years knows how that censorship regime works.” 

DeSantis went on to emphasize that both of Haley’s immigration and education policies “sided” with the corporations, and claimed the former South Carolina governor uses the “liberal media” to “prop” herself up. The Florida governor also stated that he was still “game” for the debate.

“She’s also said no limits on immigration – that CEOs should determine our immigration policy. Now, I think immigration policy should be what’s in the best interest of the American people and American workers. She also took the side of Disney against the state of Florida and against us protecting our kids … Of course, she sided with the corporation,” DeSantis stated.  

“So I think she’s just fundamentally out of step with Republican voters. I think she’s relying on liberal media to prop her up, but I’m game for the debate. You know, I’ll debate any of these folks – I think that’s what it’s all about.”

The former South Carolina governor notably suggested a proposal in mid November to mandate social media user authentication, stating that social media companies should ban users from creating anonymous accounts. 

Although Haley claimed that the benefits would be control over “bots,” from Russia, Iran, and China, her fellow presidential candidates called out the proposal. DeSantis and fellow 2024 candidate Vivek Ramaswamy took to Twitter, with both pointing out that the Federalist Papers were written under pseudonyms. (RELATED: Gavin Newsom’s PAC Hits DeSantis With Attack Ad Ahead Of High Profile Debate)

Both Haley and DeSantis have notably been eyeing second place for the Republican presidential nominee as the elections get closer. While former President Donald Trump retains a strong lead at 58%, DeSantis is currently predicted to come in second at 11%, and Haley at 8%, according to the latest McLaughlin & Associates national poll