Ex Trump Adviser, Ingraham Chuckle At Lawyer’s Suggestion That Millions Of Illegal Migrants Get ‘Their Day In Court’

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Fox Host Laura Ingraham and former Trump advisor Stephen Miller chuckled at immigration lawyer Allen Orr’s suggestion on Tuesday that millions of illegal immigrants will get “their day in court.”

Miller and Orr appeared on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss the migrant crisis, giving opposing views on the solution for the issue. Ingraham asked the immigration lawyer why “so many rich people” love the open border, suggesting that it was due to an “endless supply” of “cheap labor.”

Orr pushed back against Ingraham’s question stating that it wasn’t just rich people but “Congress as a whole,” highlighting Miller’s opposing “vision” for immigration. (RELATED: ICE Agent Warns That ‘Terror Groups Like Hamas’ Are Already In The US Thanks To Open Border)

“Well, I don’t think that’s necessarily just them. I think that’s Congress as a whole … For example, let’s talk about the numbers … Congress only passes a bill to deport 400,000 people every year. They’ve never reached that level. The only president that came close was Obama,” Orr stated.

“We have two visions here, where one vision by Mr. Miller, is we’re going to lock everybody up and have the taxpayers pay to have them–”

Ingraham stepped in to comment on Orr’s claims, questioning how they could want illegal immigrants locked up when they simply just “want them deported.” To which Orr responded that the government was not “deporting them.” (RELATED: Hundreds Of Migrants Plunge Into Rio Grande The Same Day That Mayorkas Defended Border Policies To Congress)

Orr continued to state that President Joe Biden has already “turned down” a number of migrants coming to the border by deporting them to Venezuela, emphasizing that deportation has “its place” and everyone “does not get to remain.” However, he claimed that if immigration courts received the same funds as U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) then people could “have their day in court faster than five years, then the system would work better.”

“Where in the Constitution does it say people who cross our border get a day in court? Nowhere in our Constitution,” Ingraham responded. “Okay? You walk across the border, you don’t get your day in court.” 

“Every developing country in the world. All two or three billion, they get their day in court in America,” Miller chimed in.

Both Miller and Ingraham began to laugh at the suggestion from Orr, pushing him to jump back in stating that it’s “part of the liberty” that Americans want “to protect” as the U.S. is a “nation of immigrants.”

“We’re not a nation of immigrants, we’re a nation of citizens. We are absolutely a nation of citizens,” Miller responded.

It is estimated that there have been roughly eight million illegal border crossings under Biden’s administration. With 6.3 million encounters and over 1.7 million “got-aways,” security concerns have risen as border agents have seized explosive devices from illegal immigrants. In the 23 months following the start of Fiscal Year 2022, at least 269 known or suspected terrorists were apprehended.