Pollster Breaks Down ‘Real Problem’ For 2024 Biden Campaign, Even As Republican Never Trumpers ‘Help’ Dem Ad Outreach

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Pollster Matt Towery stated Friday on Fox News that former President Donald Trump’s poll numbers are still not affected, even with the Biden campaign getting “help” from “anti-Trump” Republicans running ads in key swing states.

Towery appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss President Joe Biden’s record low poll numbers and the worry many Democrats now have for the upcoming 2024 elections. Fox host Laura Ingraham highlighted Trump’s dominating poll numbers so far, asking Towery if he believes Biden could “turn around” his numbers with a “speech” or “initiative.” 

Towery called out the Biden campaign stating that he doesn’t believe they can turn the polls, noting that their “gimmicks” no longer work on the American people. (RELATED: Fox Reportedly Slashes Ad Prices In Half For Second Trump-Less GOP Debate) 

“Well, no I don’t think so. I mean, look, let’s look back to the old gimmicks in the past. They think it’s messaging, as you know Laura, they don’t think they have a problem with their policies,” Towery stated. 

“Go back to Jerry Ford with a whip inflation. Now remember the little buttons? Win buttons? How’d that work out? It didn’t work out — those sorts — the gimmicks don’t work, and now they’re down to a year, less than a year and they can’t rely on gimmicks anymore. That’s a real problem for them. I don’t know what they do, but I will say they’re being helped.”

Towery continued to describe how “Republican anti-Trump money” is helping Democrats push ads against Trump, allowing the Biden campaign to rely on their support. (RELATED: Left-Wing Group Spending Millions To Stave Off GOP Majority In Virginia)

 “A lot of our viewers don’t know this, but a lot of the states that are gonna be major caucus or primary states, there is Republican anti-Trump money running ads every day just eviscerating Trump. It’s not affecting his numbers,” Towery stated.

“They’re getting help from the other side. And I think that’s partially what the Biden campaign is going to rely on when they get into November.”

Support for Biden has hit an all-time low, with the president sitting at just 37% in approval ratings, according to an October Gallup poll. The president has also been trailing Trump in many key swing state polls, with numbers indicating that Trump is leading among all voters now. 

Republican figures like billionaire Charles Koch and co-founder of the anti-Trump Lincoln Project Reed Galen have reportedly poured money into ads attempting to convince voters in early voting states to change their minds about the former president, according to Reuters. Hoping to spend roughly $50 million to support Biden, Galen’s group is arguing that Trump poses an “existential” threat to American democracy.