Scarborough Tells Liberal Professor To Talk With Conservative Students Afraid Of Being Canceled


Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough told a liberal professor and “Morning Joe” panelist to talk with conservative students who are afraid of being canceled Friday.

Scarborough and Princeton University professor Eddie Glaude debated about the safety of Jewish students as pro-Palestinian students protests and antisemitism continue rising on college campuses across the U.S. Glaude argued that the students’ rage over the treatment of Palestinian civilians is valid, causing Scarborough to turn red in the face as he pointed out how Jewish students are feeling unsafe.

When the argument ended, Scarborough suggested that Glaude talk to conservative students who are afraid of voicing an unpopular opinion in class.

“Do me this favor, and I’ll do a favor for you in return so we both have an understanding of each other’s side. Try to find some college students on your campus who are afraid to speak out and raise their hand because they’re afraid if they say something unpopular, they’ll be canceled,” Scarborough said. “I’ve heard that from so many kids who are progressives, who are liberals, who are moderates, of course conservatives feel that way too. It’s far more prevalent on college campuses than perhaps you think.”


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Glaude said he promises to fulfill Scarborough’s suggestion. (RELATED: Scarborough Jumps In As Two Panelists Get Physically Closer To Each Other During Argument) 

Conservative students have struggled to speak their mind on college campuses without the fear of facing repercussions. A poll conducted by the University of Chicago and The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs found only 20% of adults believe conservative students have “a lot” of freedom to speak freely, while 47% believe liberals do.

Students at High Point University were threatened in January after attempting to host a Daily Wire documentary about the Black Lives Matter (BLM).

Liberal students have protested several conservative speakers for simply arriving on campus to give a lecture. Students at San Francisco State University “ambushed and assaulted” women’s rights activist and college swimmer Riley Gaines as she arrived for a speaking event in April. Others at the University of Pittsburgh set off smoke bombs and fireworks as The Daily Wire’s Micheal Knowles was slated to attend a debate on campus.