CNN Broadcasts Passionate Gay Kiss Immediately After New Year’s Ball Drop


Julianna Frieman Contributor
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CNN broadcasted a passionate gay kiss immediately after the New Year’s ball dropped Monday.

Two men wearing large Planet Fitness hats locked lips in a lengthy display of affection as soon as the countdown to 2024 concluded on “New Year’s Eve Live with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen.”

Social media users had mixed reactions to the homosexual kiss. Some expressed excitement toward the scene.

“CNN’s first shot after the ball drop appears to be an interracial gay kiss. The outrage will be hilarious,” one user commented.

“Gay people watch straights kiss on tv every day,” another commenter wrote. “Get over it and get used to it.”

“I like the fact the first thing that happen on the CNN broadcast of the New Years Event is two gay guys just going deep in making out on live camera,” a third user wrote. “Like it wasn’t a normal kiss, they were eating each others faces off.”

Other social media users were not impressed, with some expressing concern for children in the audience.

“Every child across America watched two gay men kiss as the ball dropped to bring in 2024,” one user wrote. “Every channel broadcasting the ball drop simultaneously broadcasted a scene most children have not yet been exposed to: Fox News, CNN, CBS: groomers.”

“The gay gays who kissed at midnight on CNN were definitely paid actors,” another user commented.

“CNN decided to ring in the new year with 20-minutes of gay innuendos, gay references and this delightful kiss which definitely was not carefully scripted,” a third user wrote.