This Idiot’s Gonna Ruin It For Us: Shirtless Court-Storming Tulane Fan Pushes Memphis’ David Jones During Celebration

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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These morons are gonna ruin court-storming…

After the Tulane Green Wave pulled off a massive upset Sunday over the No. 10 Memphis Tigers, fans of the former stormed the court in celebration. The party was quickly tainted, however, as one fan — a shirtless fan, no less — made a total ass of himself by pushing a Tigers player.

The Green Wave, who came into the matchup as an unranked squad, upset Memphis 81-79 to crank their record up to 12-6 on the campaign. The Tigers now sit at 15-4. (RELATED: Woah: Alabama Head Coach Nate Oats Shoves Missouri’s Aidan Shaw In Heated Moment)

After the clock struck 0:00, Tulane’s fanbase was understandably hype and rushed onto the court with our shirtless protagonist right in the thick of it.

Well, that fan appeared to have his eyes on Memphis forward David Jones, walking right up to the Tigers forward and giving him a shove.


Because, of course, this would happen on the same day as the Caitlin Clark fiasco…

…which has me doubly worried that these idiot college kids these days are gonna ruin court-storming celebrations. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love a good ol’ fashioned court rush?

But that could potentially be ruined … BY A FRIGGIN’ SHIRTLESS GUY.

This is why most rules exist: everybody was having a good time, using their common sense … and then one jackass decided to take things too far. And now the rest of us don’t get to have fun anymore.