Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Calls Out Nick Sortor For ‘False Clickbait Garbage’

(Screenshot/Twitter/Nick Sortor)

Mariane Angela Contributor
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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took to social media Sunday to respond to criticism regarding his philanthropic efforts in Maui.

The controversy started when journalist Nick Sortor posted a video from Johnson’s appearance at a WWE press conference in Las Vegas, interpreting the crowd’s boos as a rebuke of Johnson’s contributions to the wildfire relief efforts. Sortor’s post suggested that Johnson’s aid had yet to reach the victims, a claim that Johnson promptly and vehemently denied in a post on Twitter.

“Nick, instead of posting bullshit like this that you know is false – I encourage you to post something positive for Hawaii, for our Polynesian American people. Or actually take positive action and come to Hawaii to help out in an uplifting way,” Johnson said.

Johnson felt compelled to address this particular issue head-on.

“I typically refrain from responding to toxic, false clickbait garbage like this because I hate dignifying bullshit with a response, but when you use Hawaii’s tragic events to draw attention to yourself I won’t stay quiet,” the former professional wrestler added. “I’m playing it up with our crowd as they boo. It’s what we do in our WWE universe, and we all love every second of it.” (RELATED:’Get Back On The F***ing Plane’: Maui Resident Blasts Biden, Says ‘We’re Not Getting Anything’)

The actor said that the wildfire relief  had been distributed.

“Our People’s Fund of Maui has already DELIVERED over $50 MILLION DOLLARS to over 8,000 survivors who were affected by the fires, and I’m grateful to the bone that we’ve been the primary funders,” Johnson explained.