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After the Oct. 7 Hamas attack, we all witnessed the heads of Harvard, UPenn and MIT give horrifying Congressional testimony over their pitiful response to antisemitism on campus. With the reluctant ouster of former Harvard President Claudine Gay, the media largely moved on despite the college failing to signal any true change of heart.

That is why The Daily Caller stepped up to keep the pressure on these failed institutions. Our new documentary, “Poisoned Ivies,” not only exposes how these elite colleges became so corrupted by the ideology of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), but works to chart a return to the timeless virtues of education.

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First, The Daily Caller exposed the true cost of the Defund the Police movement in “Lawless.”  Then, our documentary “Rigged” uncovered just how the Democratic machine managed to install Joe Biden in 2020. Now, we are taking on the left’s most powerful ally, the breeding ground of its foot soldiers: elite college campuses.

As Ilya Shapiro, Director of Constitutional Studies at the Manhattan Institute explains, “This is not the same decades old complaint that conservatives have had.” It’s not a matter of “hippies taking over” or the “left-wing tilt of the faculty.” What America faces is a much more insidious threat.

This threat comes under the banner of DEI, which is a pivotal part of both student admissions and faculty hiring. This ideology sacrifices standards of merit and excellence in the ostensible effort to build a fairer society. But as “Poisoned Ivies” shows, fairness is the last thing on the minds of DEI administrators. Rather, DEI is a Trojan Horse to reward favored groups and punish others.

These administrators spent years cracking down on free speech on their campus, deemed “harmful” or “unsafe” because it offends favored groups. Yet when actual violent threats against Jews unfolded on campus, the universities had nothing to say. “All of the sudden,” The Daily Caller’s Reagan Reese explains, these institutions “were in favor of the First Amendment.”

Faced with a choice between commitments to their students and their DEI ideology, elite college administrators chose the latter in failing to condemn antisemitism. In the world of DEI, Jews cannot be victims. And this is the very ideology America’s best and brightest are learning on campus today.

The reputational damage these universities brought on themselves has been a wake-up call for America. Exposed in the light of day, there has never been a greater opening to oust these vicious ideologues from positions of power in academia. But the fight will not be easy.

Watch “Poisoned Ivies” now to learn more about just how deep DEI runs within America’s top universities.

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