This Is So Baseball: Cincinnati Reds Using Stuffed Pigs During Spring Training To Improve Catchers’ Tagging Skills

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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“How can you not be romantic about baseball?”

It’s a legendary quote from the movie “Moneyball,” and the Cincinnati Reds are putting it on full display here in spring training.

Pitchers and catchers reported last week, if you didn’t know, with position players joining this week. By Tuesday, every MLB player will be in camp. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, baseball is upon us!

And with the Cincinnati Reds, in particular, it appears they’re already in mid-season form with some of their spring training tactics that catchers are partaking in. (RELATED: 3-Time World Series Champion Pablo Sandoval Attempting To Make MLB Comeback)

If you’ve played baseball before, you’re aware that there’s only so many ways that you can practice, and most teams not kicking off Spring Training games until Saturday, clubs are finding … err … interesting ways to get some reps in.

With the Reds, they’ve chosen an interesting way to improve their catchers’ skills when it comes to tagging the runner, but instead of using actual runners out of fear of players getting injured, they’re using…

Stuffed pigs. And not just stuffed pigs, but stuffed pigs that are attached to ropes.

Check it out.

I think it’s highly necessary to roll this clip with what the Reds are doing:

What Cincinnati is doing might be a little bit goofy, but it’s such a “baseball thing,” and something that has you smelling that fresh spring air … something that gets you excited that America’s pastime is almost back … something that makes you ask …

How can you not be romantic about baseball?