Ghislaine Maxwell Was Too Tired And Hungry To Testify At Trial, But She’ll Be Blabbing Soon, Attorney Claims

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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The attorney for convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell said Tuesday that she’ll definitely be talking at her upcoming appeal in March.

Maxwell’s attorney Arthur Aidala told NewNation “CUOMO” host Chris Cuomo that he believes his client has a chance of beating her 20-year-sentence for six counts of sex trafficking with alleged accomplice Jeffrey Epstein. Aidala claimed Ghislaine has a “non-prosecution” clause.

“In this country, even if you become public enemy number one, you’re supposed to get a fair trial. The rules of evidence are supposed to apply to you. If there’s an agreement, a contract, with the government that says you cannot be prosecuted, because you’ve now been vilified, that doesn’t mean they can rip up that document,” Aidala explained.

Another part of the appeal will focus on the alleged that Maxwell “went days during her trial without eating, without food,” he continued. Maxwell was also allegedly “sleep deprived,” so that’s why she didn’t testify at her original trial. “It’s in the CIA torture handbook. Every 15 minutes, Chris. They didn’t say, ‘Ghislaine, are you awake?’ They pushed her awake. She was strip-searched eight times a day, and — a presumed innocent person, eight times a day,” Aidala stated.

“Does Maxwell have a take on what happened to Epstein?” Cuomo asked, stating he personally believed Epstein killed himself. Epstein was found mysteriously dead in his cell in 2019 after being arrested on sex trafficking charges, but many argue there are major discrepancies with the situation that mean many people believe he didn’t kill himself.

“She definitely has a take. We spoke about it for a while and, maybe you’ll invite me back on the show after the March 12th …” Aidala replied, which feels like a really disgusting way to get more attention given the accusations against his client. (RELATED: Women Can Be Terrible, But Lady Victoria Hervey Is A Whole Other Level Of Disgusting)

“Are you kidding me? Why can’t you answer it?” Cuomo demanded, before caving and saying he’d have Aidala back on after the trial, as if he had any other choice. So, I guess we’re about to get a new wannabe celebrity attorney. Great. Just what America needs (said no one, ever).