NFL Players Rank Worst Places To Play Football — It’s No Surprise Washington Is The Top Spot

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Robert McGreevy Contributor
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The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) released their annual club report cards on working conditions for players, and surprise, surprise — the Washington Commanders ranked dead last, repeating as back-to-back winners of the “worst place to play football” award.

The report cards ask NFL players to judge their teams across 11 categories, which include locker room conditions, travel, treatment of their families and more.

Washington scored an F or an F- in five of the 11 categories and only managed to pull in one A, earning the top mark for their strength coaches. (RELATED: The Washington Football Team’s New Name Is Absolutely Terrible. How Will Fans React?)

While the 2023 report only gave them four F or F- marks, the previous version only held eight categories. 2024 added marks for head coach, owner and food/cafeteria.

Washington ranked C, B and D+ respectively in those categories.

But virtually every other category was atrocious for the Commanders. They received an F- in treatment of families, locker room and training room, and Fs in team travel and training staff.

The lack of improvement on an already bad 2023 score shows just how far the new ownership must go to turn this dumpster fire of a franchise around.

Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Josh Harris helped purchase the team from former owner Dan Snyder in 2023, ending a tepid Snyder tenure that was fraught with scandal.

While a complete and total transformation can’t always be made overnight, it’s not a great look to have virtually no improvement after a full season of new ownership. The team did see minor improvement in nutrition, jumping from a D+ to a B-, but they essentially regressed at almost every other category that wasn’t already an F-.

Training staff went from D to F. Weight room went from C+ to C. Even their biggest asset, strength coach, dropped from a stellar A+ to just an A.

It’s going to be extremely hard for Harris and the rest of the team’s leadership to convince free agents to sign to a team that consistently ranks as the worst place to play. Hell, even their stadium sponsor pulled out early on them.