UNLV Football Coach Barry Odom Tries To Ride Bull To Raise Money For Program, Gets Absolutely Thrashed Instead

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Hey, at least he tried.

Barry Odom, the head football coach of the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) Rebels, is going all-out to bring in money for the program, and this includes the skipper riding a bull.

Oh, and its name happens to be “Widowmaker” — how settling. (RELATED: Former NFL Superstar Braylon Edwards Saves Elderly Man’s Life After YMCA Attack: Report)

Odom managed to kill two birds with one stone with this showing:

1. He got to bring in money for UNLV football, and

2. He continues to swim in the glory of Las Vegas. If you don’t remember or just flat-out don’t know, Odom led the Rebels to a nine-win campaign in 2023, even bringing in 40,000+ crowds to Allegiant Stadium on multiple occasions.

Well, to continue his stardom, he showed up at the “Horns & Helmets” event at the Southpoint Hotel, with tickets priced at $150 a pop and proceeds going to the Rebels football program. But Odom didn’t just show up, he decided to give fans a show — by riding a bull (or at least he tried to).

My man ended up getting thrashed.


What a genius way to bring money into your program. Yeah, it’s a little dangerous, it’s a little risky and a little embarrassing at that, but it’s such a creative way to bring in support.

I have to applaud Barry Odom and the UNLV Rebels for this.

There was already love from me with the Vegas connection, but this is just too great not to acknowledge.