Wild Video Shows Deadly Storm Sweep Away Bridge In Brazil While Mayor Warns Residents


Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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A mayor of a Brazilian city was caught on video warning the public about the bad weather Tuesday while a bridge in the background was swept aside.

The deadly storm behind the bout of bad weather “left at least 8 people dead and 18 missing in Rio Grande do Sul,” AccuWeather tweeted alongside a video of the incident. (RELATED: Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Released To Fight Deadly Disease)

The video began with the mayor’s speech in front of a bridge. The mayor appeared to be aware of the collapsing bridge as it was unfolding on camera. “This is our situation. See, being carried away by the forces of the waters,” Santa Tereza Mayor Gisele Caumo said, according to a translation provided by the Daily Mail. “So, I ask you to be careful, cautious, especially when traveling. I ask everyone’s full attention to the situation on the bridge.”

The video also includes clips of scenes unrelated to the mayor’s speech where a car was traveling through a clearly flooded area, a rescue scene of two individuals and a panoramic view of flood areas in Brazil. The storm has caused damage in 76 Brazilian cities and started in the province of Rio Grande del Sol on Monday, the Daily Mail reported. 95 people have been rendered homeless while 242 individuals were forced to stay in shelters other than their homes, the outlet noted.

“We continue to work intensely to locate the missing and ensure the safety of communities in risk areas. Unfortunately, more rain is still forecast,” Rio Grande del Sol Gov. Eduardo Leite tweeted Wednesday.

The Brazilian Air Force has been authorized to conduct rescue missions, The Associated Press reported.