This Is So Great: Tyler Black’s Father-Son Moment During Brewers Game Couldn’t Be More Perfect

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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You know this dad’s gotta be feeling good.

While Milwaukee Brewers rookie third baseman Tyler Black was up at the plate Tuesday night during his MLB debut, Bally Sports Wisconsin was interviewing his dad and mom about the moment that he got his first hit, which happened earlier in the game.

Well, as his father was talking to the Bally reporter, Tyler ended up getting ANOTHER hit — and to make the moment even better, his dad even got to do play-by-play of it, right on live television! (RELATED: Buzzing Dodgers-Diamondbacks Rivalry Delayed Due To Swarming Bees)

“There’s a base hit to right field from my boy, Tyler Black!” exclaimed his father. “There you go! 2 for 2! Happy birthday, Nancy [Tyler’s mother].”

All of that sounds like a sweet-as-hell deal as it is, but things got even better when dad threw in a “going to start drinking heavily” to celebrate his 23-year-old son poppin’ the ball.

Just so great … so, so great.


Man, I’m totally looking forward to moments like this with my girls, we’re over here building a golf empire and getting them prepared to dominate the LPGA (and the Olympics and so on).

On their first day of practice, I just let them have some fun and hit the ball, but then quickly realized that my 7-year-old has a crazy amount of potential. She’s got a pretty swing, some power to go along with it, and on top of that, she’s solid at the putting game. She needs a little bit of work on how much power to use during puts, but nothing that we can’t tweak, but boy, you should see her accuracy.

Immediately, we turned it into something serious, with my 4-year-old (and 2-year-old at that) trailing the ways to get her prepared. More on the full operation soon (I’ll share these stories and the progression with you guys), but the idea is to train her hardcore over the next two years and then enter her into youth tournaments. Down here in Florida, we saw that they start ranking golfers at age nine, so you better believe this is what we’re going for — this is serious business around here.

I’d love to have these Tyler Black moments with my girls, and that’s exactly what we’re working for.