UCLA Pro-Palestine Protesters Leave Mess On Campus


Robert McGreevy Contributor
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Pro-Palestine protesters at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) spray painted graffiti on campus buildings and left mounds of trash on school grounds after Wednesday demonstrations, multiple social media videos show.

Police detained multiple protesters on the UCLA campus after a string of violent clashes and, after the remaining protesters left the school grounds, the campus was left an absolute mess with trash completely covering open spaces. One area was littered with the remnants of tents, spray-painted signs and pieces of plywood, food wrappers, plastic bottles, small Palestinian flags and other piles of garbage, a video from KNX News’ Jon Baird shows.

Demonstrators set up camp at the school and, in a manner reminiscent of Seattle’s 2020 Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (also known as CHOP or CHAZ), graffitied school buildings and set up fortifications on campus, according to photos independent journalist Anthony Cabassa posted to Twitter. (RELATED: The Left’s Anti-Americanism Problem Laid Bare In Nationwide Campus Protests)

Police arrested at least 100 protestors after a tense few hours that saw them deploy tear gas and other crowd control methods, according to reporting from Baird and Fox News.

The demonstrations follow suit with a swell of protests on college campuses across the country which have been raging for weeks now. Some notable recent protests include continuing protests at Columbia University, where police arrested almost 300 agitators Tuesday night, and at the University of Alabama, where protestors on both sides of the Israel-Palestine debate chanted “Fuck Joe Biden” at each other Wednesday.