Woman Brutally Smashed In The Head With Bowling Ball After Wild Brawl Breaks Out In Miami

[X/Screenshot/Public — @ONLYinDADE]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Holy hell! It was going down in the Trey!

Located at a downtown Miami bowling alley, an absolutely wild brawl broke out Tuesday morning involving a load of people, and things got so bad that it escalated to one woman getting her head smashed by a ball — yes, a heavy-ass bowling ball! And to make it even crazier, the culprit threw it like she was passing a basketball! Ouch!

The brawl, which was caught on video, featured a minimum of seven people while bystanders were in shock inside the Lucky Strike Miami bowling alley. (RELATED: Georgia’s Kirby Smart Lands $13 Million-Per-Year Contract To Become Highest-Paid Coach In College Football: REPORT)

Around 12:45 a.m., the fight popped off leading to multiple objects being thrown in the air, with several people being involved with the tossing, according to the footage posted on Twitter by the popular Miami account “ONLY in Dade.”

But that head-smash with the bowling ball … that had to be the highlight of this insanity.


Holy cow! Let’s look at that head-crusher again!

Good googly moogly!

Honestly, I hate this for my beloved Miami. We finally got rid of those ridiculous spring breakers, and now here we are having to deal with clown-show scenes like this.

Miami deserves better!

We deserve to be glorified! Not looked at as … whatever the hell this is.